Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kettlebell MELTDOWN ‘08

What is the Kettlebell Meltdown?

10 Week Challenge
Start Date: Monday Feb 11 2008
End Date: Friday April 18

$10 ENTRY FEE –any class member who wants to participate*
*you may enter both categories with one entry fee

Two Categories to WIN:
Category ONE: Weight Loss + Inch Loss
Monday Feb 11 all participants will Weigh In AND Measure these sites:
Arms Right and Left
Thighs Right and Left
Calves Right and Left
*Winners will be determined by Most Weight Loss + Most Inches Lost

Category TWO: Performance Tests (2)
Test #1 The KB MELTDOWN 300
25 - V-ups
50 - Snatches (25 per arm)
25 - Push-ups (women can opt for doing them on knees)
50 - Swings (2 hand)
50 – Burpees (No jump / No push up)
50 - Clean & Press (25 each side)
50 - Mountain Climbers (25 each side)
=300 reps in the least amount of time. You must finish the rep count on
each exercise before moving onto the next one.

**Women will use 8kg or 12kg / Men will use 16kg or 24kg
*Ties will go to the heavier kettlebell / lighter bodyweight person

Test #2 5-minute Snatch Test
*As many snatches as you can do in 5 minutes. Switch hands as much as
you want. Set the KB down as much as you want. When time is called
you better be snatching!

**Women will use 8kg or 12kg or 16kg / Men will use 16kg or 24kg
*Ties will go to the heavier kettlebell / lighter bodyweight person

***Both Tests will be timed and will be scored at the end of 10 weeks by the best
improvement in time: Test #1 improvement + Test #2 improvement = your score

Your RKC Meltdown Leaders:

Mike/Sara Juve RKC Rejuvenation Decorah, IA

Mike Stehle RKCII Crossfit Jersey Shore Jersey Shore, NJ

Mark Erickson RKC Kettlebell Advantage Vinton, IA

David Whitley Sr. RKC Iron Tamer Nashville, TN

Brad Nelson RKCTL Kinetic Edge Fitness Woodbury, MN

Local Level:
1 Female / 1 Male in each category

National Level
1 Overall Winner in each category

Local Level: To be determined by each instructor

National Level: Each Category
$250 Cash
$150 Gift Certificate to Dragon Door


Steven said...

I'm game! Come on, Monday! Where do we send our $10.00?

Iron Tamer said...

You must be a member of one of the classes listed.

Steven said...

So, if I live in Atlanta, I can't play?